The mechanics of an impeachment are left up to the Senate, says U of Missouri Law School professor

By 97.1 FM Talk

(KFTK) – University of Missouri School of Law Professor Frank Bowman III joined Randy Tobler to preview impeachment in the US Senate of President Donald Trump.

The expert on impeachment says the trial should remind Americans of what they've seen in other court cases.

"There will be a period during which, the House Managers (members of the House who present the case in favor of impeachment),  and the lawyers for the President will make, what in a lawsuit would be called opening statements," says Bowman, "followed by a period of Senatorial questions.  There's another interesting wrinkle in that. Under Senate Rules, the Senators can't ask questions orally.  If they want to have questions, they write them down and submit them to the Chief Justice who will ask them."

Following those two steps,  Bowman say there will be a time to introduce additional motions, including a motion which would allow additional evidence or witnesses to be presented.

"It's hard to predict how it's all going to work out," says Bowman, "I think there are some wild cards in here that could produce some unexpected terms."

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