Covid-anxiety is growing


(KFTK) – Psychologist and professional counselor Dr Michael Mahon joined Randy to discuss how the Covid-19-separation is effecting his clients.

"I've had a percentage of people who have called me and wanted to talk just about anxiety related to Covid," says Mahon. "When we got through the initial wave in the spring, people were pretty copacetic with it. And then we got to the summer and it looked like  everything was going to be ok, then we got hit with the second wave, which we kind of expected, but it really hit hard."

He put it very bluntly, "we just can't get to a herd immunity fast enough," says Mahon. 

Randy points-out that with a lot of the population, realization of the issues cause by Covid sometimes don't occur right away.

 "Covid is six degrees of separation," says Tobler, "when it gets to be one degree of separation, boy, people have the ah-ha moment and then that's when the panic sets in."

"Absolutely," says Mahon. "What I attribute that to is the lack of a consistent message. We've never had an actual consistent message that people have been promoting."


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