Socialism surges in popularity among some voters

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(KFTK) – Joel Griffith is a research fellow in the Roe Institute at The Heritage Foundation, and joined Randy recently to discuss the surge in popularity for socialism in  the US.

Griffith says there has been an ever-increaseing desire for the government taking over sectors of the economy including education, housing and healthcare.

Ironically,  people are calling for government takeovers of those sectors or government intervention in those areas, but  forget "those are the three areas of the economy in which the government has the most control in this country," says Griffith.

"The answer is not a complete government takeover of every other sector,"  says Griffith, "it's to actually roll back the government footprint in those three sectors we have seen it become outrageously expensive."

Griffith says there is not a clear picture of what "Democratic Socialist" really means.

"If we're going to have this debate about whether or not we're going to become Democratic Socialist, we need to be honest with people and tell them all, 'here's what that looks like," says Griffith, "and it's not a pretty sight."

Watch a recent Joel Griffith appearance on Fox Business:

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