Talent looks at Biden's foreign-policy direction


(KFTK) – Former Missouri Senator Jim Talent joined Randy Tobler for a lengthy discusson of his views on the upcoming Joe Biden administration's foreign policy. 

Starting with China, Talent says he doesn't expect Biden to unwind the policy established by Donald Trump. 

"What Trump accomplished was a shift on a strategic level and one that was absolutely necessary, and one, by the way, in which he had very strong bi-partisan support," says Talent. "What we did for forty years before Trump was, our policy was to actually facilitate China's rise, and assist China in embedding itself in the global economy  in the international system, while being blind to the potential downsides to that. Trump came in and just did a U-turn."

Talent explained, "I don't think Biden is going to be able to go back. I don't think his people are going to want to go back, but my concern is, will it be a muscular policy?  Or will they just pay like lip-service to it? It needs energy and that has to come from the President, well Trump supplied it, I don't know whether Trump will."


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