Hearing this will not change your race, but it could change your mind

Joe Biden in St Louis for 1000 person rally
Photo credit Getty Images - Dilip Vishwanat-Stringer
By 97.1 FM Talk

This episode of The Tim Jones Show originally aired on 5-24-2020.  This week, Tim talks with former Congressman Thaddeus McCotter @ThadMcCotter.  McCotter is from Michigan and they talk about all of the restrictions the Michigan Governor is putting on their state and how it is affecting them as well as the affects nationally.  Tim has a conversation with Gabe Phifer, St. John The Philosopher  @JohnPhilosopher about Joe Biden’s latest remarks and how he, as a Conservative Black,  feels about those remarks.  Finally, Tim talks with former MO Rep. Paul Curtman (USMC (ret.)  @PaulCurtman about State and National issues during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  Former Missouri Speaker of The House Tim Jones is the host of The Tim Jones Show every Sunday night from 7p to 9p on 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis, MO and online at 971talk.com – click on MENU/SHOWS/TIM JONES SHOW or on the Radio.com app.  Each week Tim takes your calls and discusses the important issues that affect St. Louis, Missouri, The U.S. as well as what impacts our relationships worldwide.