Jim Carafano: 'This country was not built on political violence'

By and 97.1 FM Talk

Leading expert in national security at Heritage Jim Carafano said he has been covering the violence for months and months in D.C. and not a media outlet nor a leading Democrat have been concerned with it until it involved Trump supporters.
Jim points out the sad part of D.C. is the fact that we could use the moment that happened last Wednesday to acknowledge what happened was wrong and come together on the idea that this should never happen again and instead it's become another political tool.

"When you shut down the terrible, extremist rhetoric that we have, people won't just stop," he said. We need to know where we have been to know where we are going.
"We don't know what the Biden team is going to do or what policies they will implement," he said. Now more than ever it seems like we would benefit from objective media. Will we ever get it?