Dr. Charmaine Yoest: ‘Swift action against criminal rioters is the best way for the country to move forward’

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As conservatives, we are law and order people. The violent criminals that stormed the U.S. Capitol hurt the conservative message. All law-abiding people should condemn the rioting. However, the Democrats are calling for “unity” as they attempt to impeach President Trump for inciting violence.

Marc was there. The President did not call for the storming of our Capitol. If the mainstream media had a clip of him promoting violence, we’d hear it on loop. They don’t have it.

Dr. Charmain Yoest with the Heritage Foundation joins the conversation and agrees that leadership needs to actually unite – not impeach.
Dr. Yoest is grateful for the FBI’s swift action against the agitators that committed the crimes and believes this is the best way for the country to move forward.
Law and order.

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