Rep Darin LaHood calls on Pritzker to let the state restart youth sports

Representative Darin LaHood said sports in Illinois are vital. Why are so many states open and able to play youth sports and this state is not?
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Congressman LaHood, representing the 18th Congressional District of Illinois, wrote a letter to Governor Pritzker to lift the overreaching government initiatives on limiting youth and high school sports in the state.
"How can 40 to 45 other states be open and doing this and Illinois can not?" he said. "This is about kids and our future."
Not having sports for the youth has already resulted in suicides and tragedy. Parents and kids have been speaking up asking to let them play.
The IHSA is meeting next week to ask the Governor to stop this restriction.
"When you look at other states that are doing this in a responsible way, why can't Illinois do this? Do you not have enough faith?" he asked.