Dr. Scott Hardeman: 'What we are seeing is very optimistic and hopefully that COVID trend will continue'

By and 97.1 FM Talk

Dr. Scott Hardeman said you can deny the fact that cases are on a low trajectory for the last few months and he is incredibly optimistic about the rest of this year.
The vaccines have been working and doing the job, however, not all of the success of lower cases goes to that. Dr. Hardeman said the folks who have caught covid and recovered are helping the caseload as well.
When it comes to the vaccine rollout, there has been a ton of backlash because of the process.
We are about a year out from initially sounding the alarm on the pandemic.
The mere fact that we have gotten to this point with distributing the vaccine is amazing, Hardeman said on the growth we have made since last March.
Dr. Makary from Johns Hopkins said we may achieve herd immunity by April because of the combination of those who have antibodies from getting COVID, the vaccines, and the precautions and guidelines.