Rep Rodney Davis recaps his experience during the Capitol riots

Representative Rodney Davis recaps what he saw and experienced last Wednesday during the Capitol riots.
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"They make all of Trump supporters cast in a terrible shadow," Congressman Rodney Davis said of the rioters who stormed Capitol Hill last week.
It's never all or nothing, and there were very good people who were at the rally that never wanted something like this to take place. Davis said the president lost the election and what Trump's legal team did was wrong. He voted to certify the elector vote and he did so because Trump and his team could not prove widespread voter fraud. We need to accept this and move on. However, what the Democrats are doing with a rushed impeachment is wrong too.
This has been a difficult time for both parties and both sides.
"I'm sick and tired of always talking about what the far end of the political spectrum is," he said.