Lions One Of Three Teams Shut Out In Top 100 Players List


Do the Lions have any stars on their roster?

Not according to last season's Pro Bowl, when soon-to-be-traded Darius Slay was the team's only representative. And not according to a list of the NFL's top 100 players released Wednesday by Pete Prisco of CBS Sports. 

Not a single Lion cracked Prisco's rankings. Not Matthew Stafford, not Kenny Golladay, not Trey Flowers. Only two other teams -- the Redskins and Dolphins -- were shut out. 

"(Assembling) the list is challenging," Prisco writes. "Where do you spot good players who had bad seasons? Where do you place injured players coming back or young players on the move?"

That's a good question, Pete.

Stafford ranked among the top five quarterbacks in every major category last season before a back injury forced him to the sidelines, but there's 10 quarterbacks ranked ahead of him on this list. 12 if you count those in the 'Just Missed' category; Stafford didn't even make that group. 

Golladay led the NFL in touchdowns and ranked seventh in receiving yards last season, but there's 15 wide receivers ranked ahead of him. Cooper Kupp? D.J. Chark? With all due respect to those two, and to Prisco, that's not right. 

"I'm still flying under the radar," Golladay said toward the end of last season. Looks like that hasn't changed. 

Look, we're not saying the Lions are loaded with stars. They won three games last season. They won six the year before. They're not exactly bursting at the seams with talent. 

But to suggest they don't have a single player among the top 100? That's a bit much. 

Meanwhile, the Packers placed seven players on the list, and the Vikings placed six. Maybe Prisco just has it out for Detroit.

While ranking Slay No. 96, he writes, "He wasn't as good as his reputation for the Lions last season."

Tough crowd.