Lions Swing 'Win-Win' Trade In Valenti's Mock Draft 3.0


Less than a week before the draft, we're back with round three of Mike Valenti's 'If I Ruled The World' Mock. 

You know the rules: the picks are a reflection of what Valenti would do if he were in charge of each team. But this time he has a twist: "I'm putting a 50-50 split between what I want to do and reality."

So let's get to it. 

Valenti's first pick is the obvious one: Joe Burrow, Bengals. And his second pick is straightforward, too: Chase Young, Redskins. 

Which brings us to the Lions at No. 3. Bob Quinn said Friday's he's had trade talks with teams who want to move up ... and in Valenti's world the Lions pull the trigger. They send the third overall pick to Miami for picks Nos. 5 and 26.

At No. 3, the Dolphins select ... Oregon QB Justin Herbert. 

"Curveball, right?" says Valenti. "But I started to wonder, don't you almost view it that (after the Dolphins failed to bring Tua to Miami for a vist) March 13, that maybe they crossed him off the board? They desperately wanted to bring him in. And without those answers, maybe it's Herbert they wanted to guarantee they got, because you know (the Chargers) like him.

"I made the deal as the Lions and I made the deal as the Dolphins. I think it makes sense."

At No. 4, the Giants select Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons. 

"I would have taken an offensive tackle," Valenti says, "but if you really are reading the tealeaves here, Gettleman is going to swing for the fences. Simmons probably has the highest non-Chase Young grade in this draft."

Which brings us back to the Lions at No. 5. They take the player many expect them to: Ohio State CB Jeffrey Okudah. 

"It's the player the Lions covet, it's a player I've said outside of the top three I could get with, and we got paid to do it. We're picking again at 26 and we're getting our corner we really like. It's a win-win," says Valenti. "Plus let's face is, my quarterback fantasy is just that, a fantasy." 

As for Tua Tagovailoa? 

He goes one pick later to the Chargers. 

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