Basketball Announcer Comments On Co-Host's Dead Dog: Was She Run Over Like That!

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Before you grab your pitchforks -- understand that the Twitter video paints a much darker picture than reality. 

Prior Lake, Minnesota High School boy’s basketball play-by-play announcer Lee Bernick tells the story of losing their family dog, Lucy, in a tragic accident and his co-host George Nusbaum has the most savage response of all time.

Bernick explains how the dog was accidentally run over in the driveway and Nusbaum, who is keeping half of his attention on the basketball court, responds, "Oh! Was she run over like that?" reacting to a breakaway dunk over a defender. 

Naturally, the reaction has been shock and confusion as the clip has been posted to Twitter garnering more than four million views in less than 24 hours, but you have to see the longer video to understand the full sentiment.

Apparently Bernick posted about Lucy's demise on Twitter prior to this and the two hosts have good chemistry and you can tell no love was lost. According to Nusbaum, Bernick posted the video of the Lucy's undoing on Twitter and Bernick said, "It was a sad day, but we're over it now." 

I’m.... im not sure how I should feel about what this announcer just said?

— Ross Homan (@Ross_homan1) January 9, 2020

Watch the longer video for context.