Hockenson Looks Fully Healthy In Workout With George Kittle [VIDEO]


Last we heard, T.J. Hockenson was still recovering from the ankle injury that ended his rookie season on Thanksgiving. That was about three weeks ago. 

Looks like he's back to 100 percent. 

In videos making the rounds on Twitter, Hockenson can be seen running drills with a group of players that includes All-Pro tight end and fellow Iowa product George Kittle. Hockenson is cutting hard on his right ankle without any signs of restraint. 

A healthy Hockenson --, training with Kittle ------. pic.twitter.com/7gdY2EOxnT

— FantasyFootBub (@FantasyFootBub) July 8, 2020

Maybe Hockenson can pick Kittle's brain about making the jump in year two. And hopefully Kittle can share a few secrets. He caught 43 passes for 515 yards and two touchdowns as a rookie. At the time of his injury last season, Hockenson was on pace for 43 catches, 490 yards and two touchdowns.

In his second season, Kittle exploded for 88 catches, 1,377 yards, five touchdowns and a trip to the Pro Bowl. We'll see what's in store for Hockenson. We do know this: Darrell Bevell and the Lions are intent on getting him more opportunities.

That, plus a healthy ankle, bodes well for a breakout. 

"I think he can be a superstar," NFL analyst and former quarterback Chris Simms said last month. "I saw enough from him last year to go, 'Wow, he can be Travis Kelce, George Kittle.' Maybe more toward a George Kittle because he's a good blocker, too."
To continue the comparison, here's Kittle running the same drill as Hockenson in the video above. 

George Kittle & Trent Taylor looking great out there. The footwork is on point for both. --jholt_athelite IG #49ers pic.twitter.com/3V3ZYUpmQM

— Coach Yac -- (@YacovoneRick) July 8, 2020