Schefter: Quinn And Patricia Deserve More Time In Detroit

By 97.1 The Ticket
Lions ownership has granted Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia one more chance to get it right. If the team doesn't make meaningful strides this season, the duo will likely be gone. 

It feels like a fair deal, considering Detroit's downward slide since Quinn and Patricia teamed up in 2018. ESPN's Adam Schefter feels otherwise. 

Even if Detroit has another losing season, Schefter told the Jamie and Stoney Show he "wouldn't recommend" change at the top.

"They hired these men for a reason, they gave them contracts for a reason. Unless they embarrass themselves or embarrass the organization, which they haven’t done, I’m a believer in staying the course," Schefter said. "I just think the most successful teams, by and large, are the most stable teams. And there’s a reason for that. You look at Pittsburgh, New England, Kansas City."

Schefter said he was getting the same question about 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch two years ago. The duo had a record of 10-22 through two seasons in San Francisco. Outsiders were calling for their jobs. But the 49ers stayed the course and last season made the Super Bowl. 

Entering year three in Detroit, Quinn and Patricia have a record of 9-22-1. 

"It’s very easy to run off people, and at times it’s warranted," Schefter said. "There are certain coaches that prove they can’t handle it and they’re not up to the challenge and their behavior is such that it leaves people wondering. But I haven’t seen that so far being the case in Detroit. But again, let’s see how the season plays out."

In the same vein, Schefter casted a vote of confidence for Matthew Stafford. Quinn and Patricia are committed to building around Stafford, who has a record of 69-79-1 through 11 seasons, and Schefter said he would be, too. 

"Matthew Stafford can win. He’s been put into a situation where that franchise has struggled to win and struggled to get to the playoffs. I believe if you put Matthew Stafford in a lot of situations, he’d win games," Schefter said. "Again, I’m not trying to be too bullish on the Lions, but I’m for stability and I’m for Matthew Stafford. That’s where I stand on those issues.

"Matthew Stafford is good enough to win with in this league. They haven’t done that, and it’s up to that organization to figure out why it hasn’t done that. But Matthew Stafford can play quarterback for my team." 

Indeed, the Lions' struggles aren't exclusive to Stafford. This is an organization that has one playoff win since 1957. 

"It’s hard to imagine that," Schefter said. "I remember when they played in the NFC Championship Game in Washington (in 1991), so it’s been a long drought for Lions fans. It would be great if they could get some sort of playoff run. I would say championship, but let’s start small. Let’s say extended playoff run, right? One step at a time. And there are very few fan bases that deserve that more than Detroit right now."