What You Missed On Jamie And Stoney


"Always want to do better," he said. "Striving to be the best. Right now, I think our team, we're kind of on the cusp. We haven’t gotten over the top and into the playoffs and the championships, and that’s what drives us, what motivates us every day on the field. Every day working toward that goal.”


The 20-year-old flamethrower has kept baseball fans entertained during the suspended season by posting trick throws on social media. His latest is something to behold. 


A man broke into Australian Museum in Sydney and decided he wanted to take a selfie with a dinosaur -- and not just any generic selfie. He wanted to do one while his head was perched inside the dino's skull. 

Like Annie Agar, a sports reporter for WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids. Agar went viral for a video she made over the weekend mocking Big Ten football fans on a Zoom call. 


He's already been running routes with Matthew Stafford in Atlanta. And in a video that surfaced over the weekend, Swift can be seen bursting through drills at top-flight speed. 


The latest model/golfer to really take over social media is Katie Kearney. She has over 360,000 followers on Instagram and you will understand why once you see some of her posts. 


"He started talking about a shoe that he drives his Ferraris in, a driving shoe, a little loafer," said Kuerbis. "He told me, 'Maybe you can design an Air Jordan that looks like it’s one piece of leather, super clean.' And that’s what I took back to the drawing board."