LOOK: Playboy model says she was kicked off dating app for being "too hot"


Imagine being too hot for a dating app. For instance I think I am a 7 when it comes to looks, personality and the overall package. Decent, right? But not over the top, certainly not good enough to be kicked off a dating app in my younger days, even the days with hair.

With that as background, I would like to bring Playboy model Tahlia Paris to your attention. She says the dating app Bumble kicked her off for being "too hot." Yes, you read that right, she is "too hot." What a problem to have.

According to mirror.co.uk:

Tahlia claims she received an email from Bumble when her photos were removed by the app's moderators – which the model believes was due to her looking "too hot" as they did "not break" the guidelines. However in response, the company referenced "shirtless bathroom mirror selfies" and said it "prohibits photos of people indoors wearing swimsuits or underwear".

Paris claims she was on the app for only a few hours before she got the boot. I'm sure her dating life will be just fine, even though it must be such a rough world to live in being "too hot."