Aaron Rodgers once showed up to a frat mixer and serenaded the sorority queen


The legend of Aaron Rodgers keeps growing. Most are familiar with the 36-year-old’s on-field exploits, but what about the time Rodgers and then-teammate Graham Harrell crashed a frat party?

As told by ESPN’s Sam Borden, the story goes that Rodgers and Harrell became inseparable during Packers training camp in 2010, going as far as to create their own fraternity. The two quarterbacks claimed to be brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon, prompting an eavesdropping ball boy to invite the duo to a mixer at nearby St. Norbert College. With their bluff called, Harrell assumed the charade would end there, but instead Rodgers took the ball boy up on his offer to attend “Carnation Crush,” a frat party held at the St. Norbert chapter of TKE (the same fraternity Rodgers and Harrell claimed to be members of).

After trying their hand (unsuccessfully) at flip cup, the Packers teammates were called on to participate in a sorority initiation ritual. Hoping Rodgers would bail him out with an excuse to leave, Harrell was stunned when the future Hall-of-Famer joined his Tau Kappa brothers in serenading the newly-crowned sorority queen on one knee. Rodgers didn’t know the words to the song being sung, but he seemed to fake it well enough, garnering a round of applause.

Other nuggets from Borden’s profile include Rodgers’ well-documented infatuation with UFOs and conspiracy theories (he has strong opinions on both the pyramids and the Kennedy assassination), his trivia blind spots (pro wrestling appears to be his kryptonite) and the time he made teammate Joe Callahan sing Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” during an impromptu karaoke session. I just want to know if Rodgers yelled, “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!” before he jumped off the roof at TKE.

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