‘Those are not f**king strikes!’ Aaron Boone delivers epic sequel to ‘savages in the box’


Anyone remember Aaron Boone’s epic “savages in the box” rant from last year? Of course you do! While nothing will ever top that iconic tirade, Friday’s game against the Marlins (which is not going well for the Bombers) birthed a worthy—and extremely NSFW—sequel.

You’re not going to believe it, but Boone got ejected for this. The Yankees skipper took exception to a first-pitch strike called on Aaron Hicks, audibly voicing his frustration from the dugout before getting the axe from unamused home-plate ump John Tumpane. The virtual strike zone provided by YES Network shows Sandy Alcantara’s first-inning offering probably could have gone either way, but obviously that’s not how Boone saw it.

“We apologize for any salty language,” said announcer Michael Kay, alluding to Boone’s profanity-laced outburst. “In a world without fans, you’re going to hear stuff like that every now and then.”

Color analyst Paul O’Neil quickly came to Boone’s defense, insisting Tumpane was the one at fault. “Kick the umpire out! He’s the one that made the mistake, not Aaron Boone.”

Alcantara should feel flattered by the complement from Boone, who praised the right-hander’s sinker in between F-bombs. This clip, courtesy of Twitter user Jomboy, shows Boone’s frustration with Tumpane began in the previous at-bat when Aaron Judge was rung up on a questionable called third strike that barely reached his shin.

You may be thinking, “You’re already in the playoffs, Aaron. Why flip out over a borderline call?” While that’s true—the Yankees have secured a playoff spot—seeding is still very much up for grabs in the American League. This game means something for Miami as well with the Marlins battling Cincinnati, Philadelphia, San Francisco and St. Louis in a closely-contested NL Wild Card race.

The Yankees are facing a 3-2, fourth-inning deficit, but there’s still plenty of baseball left to be played in the Bronx.

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