WATCH: Tyreek Hill shoves receivers coach Greg Lewis on sideline


The Chiefs-Browns Divisional Round playoff game on Sunday was quite an eventful one.

From controversial calls to Patrick Mahomes leaving with an injury, it was filled with plenty of suspense. Amid all the drama of the game also included some sideline antics from Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

In the third quarter, CBS camera caught Hill shoving receivers coach Greg Lewis before cutting to commercial following the end of a drive that resulted in a Kansas City field goal to go up 22-10.

When CBS returned from a commercial break, announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo laughed off the shove – although it did appear to be a pretty aggressive one.

It led to some speculation on Twitter as to whether or not Hill had crossed the line with a coach, but othrs, such as former NFL receiver Will Blackmon, also insisted it was no big deal.

The shove appeared to stem from Hill being open in the end zone on third down prior to the field goal.

Chad Henne was in at quarterback at the time for the Chiefs, because Mahomes had left the game earlier in the drive after landing on his head. He was later ruled out with a concussion.

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