What was Landry Shamet's bounty for surrendering No. 13 to James Harden?


It’s tradition in sports for a star player to keep their jersey number when they switch teams, and it’s just as traditional for said star to “pay off” a new teammate if that number is already issued.

There was no doubt that James Harden was going to get No. 13 with the Brooklyn Nets, but there was one issue: that was the jersey number worn by fellow newcomer Landry Shamet for the first month of the season.

So, to get his lucky two digits, Harden gave Shamet…honey buns and a Rolex? Or maybe some cupcakes and an Apple watch?

The bargaining started when Harden asked Shamet what he wanted for No. 13 on Instagram, to which Shamet posted the following pic and Harden replied with one of his own:

It’s no two cases of beer (what Mitch Williams gave John Kruk back in the 1990s) or any one of the random bounties New York stars gave up – like Eli Manning giving Jeff Feagles a family vacation for No. 10, or Tom Glavine getting the Mets’ No. 47 from Joe McEwing for a full nursery setup – but this is 2021 man…if Shamet’s happy with a snack and a timepiece, so be it!

Shamet is no stranger to the jersey swap, after all - in Philly, he had to surrender No. 23 to Jimmy Butler - so we assume he knows what he's doing.

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