Dentists in California will be allowed to administer Covid-19 vaccine

dentist with surgical mask sitting in office
Photo credit vlada_maestro / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Thanks to a public health emergency waiver approved by the Department of Consumer Affairs today, dentists in California will be allowed to administer the Covid-19 vaccine to people 16 years old and older. According to the California Dental Association, this would most likely occur at hospital settings, clinics and vaccination sites that are expected to be set up to meet the demand for the vaccine.

“Dentists are ready, willing and able to help administer COVID-19 vaccinations to the public,” noted CDA President Judee Tippett-Whyte, DDS, in a press release. “We can help with surge capacity at clinics and vaccinations sites – wherever we’re needed to quickly administer vaccinations and save lives.”

Because of the extensive training in anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, and autoimmune response they receive as part of their dental education, dentists are in a unique position to administer vaccines. The DCA waiver establishes the necessary additional training that dentists will need to complete through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is specific to vaccine administration, contraindications, and adverse reactions.

The press release from the CDA also noted that dentists already have the ability to practice outside of their traditional scope of practice during declared states of emergency, under the implied or express direction of government entities.