100-yard pick-six called off after devastating block is flagged


An electrifying defensive play that ended in a touchdown in Saturday’s Kentucky-Auburn game turned heads on social media when it was negated by a targeting penalty.

Tigers defensive back Roger McCreary appeared to notch a pick-six late in the first half when he intercepted a pass in Auburn's end zone and returned it the length of the field for an apparent score -- but the play was called off when teammate Derick Hall was flagged for a crushing block that laid out two Wildcats players along Auburn's sideline.

Hall, a defensive end, ranged far across the field to pick off Kentucky tight end Justin Rigg and wide receiver Josh Ali, who were pursuing the ball-carrier McCreary after his pick -- and didn't appear to see the streaking Hall until it was too late.

It's unclear which part of the SEC's targeting rule Hall was tossed for violating. The rule has stipulations for helmet-to-helmet contact, as well as blocking or tackling a defenseless player, and blind-side blocks.

Hall was ejected, as is required under the targeting rule, and will be permitted to return for next week's game. Had the foul occurred in the second half, Hall would have had to sit out the first half of next week's game.

Not surprisingly, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn didn't agree with the call.

Some observers agreed with Malzahn, while others were less sure.