He Made It From NYC to LA in 25 hrs and 39 min!! Meet 2 time Cannonball Run winner Doug Tabbutt!!

The Johnny Dare Morning Show
Photo credit KQRC

We here on the Morning Show are fans of the outlaws of this world...and one such outlaw is Twinsburg Ohio's Doug Tabbutt.In 2019, Doug and his buddy Arne Toman set an astonishing new record in the famed Cannonball Run, making it from NY to LA in 27 hours and 25 minutes!!But they didn't stop there!This past May, they shattered that record, finishing the run in 25 hours and 39 minutes, with an average speed of 110mph, in an Audi S6 modified to look like a Ford Taurus unmarked police car!!!All just for bragging rights.Doug gave us a call to talk his new record, how Covid helped this year's run and more!!

Check him out on Instagram @switchcars