A Johnny Dare Morning Show Exclusive! Is Comedian Bert Kreischer Planning A Drive In Theater Tour? Find Out Here!!

Bert Kreischer and Johnny Dare
Photo credit KQRC

While some of us have spent our quarantine time gaining that Quarantine 15 from eating too much, or maybe some of us have ramped up other extra curricular activities...our friend, comedian Bert Kreischer, has been doing to unimaginable!!He's not been smoking weed, he's cut his drinking back to almost non-existent...and HE'S RUNNING 7 MILES A DAY!!We're living in the upside-down, people!!!And, not only is he busy with not one, bot TWO podcasts...his own "Bertcast" as well as "2 Bears, 1 Cave" with Tom Segura...but he's planning to embark on one of the most unusual tours ever!!