Slam Dunk Injuries with Tom Segura and Showering With Snoop Dogg…Such is the world of Bert Kriescher!!

Bert Kreischer and Johnny Dare
Photo credit KQRC

You have to love when good things happen to good people...which is why we were stoked when our old friend Bert Kreischer landed the hosting gig on the new TBS extreme talent show, "Go-Big Show"!!!

Filmed in a bubble over one month, Go Big Show is one of the wildest, most over the top competition shows of all time!! With Cody Rhodes, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and Snoop Dogg as judges and Bery as host, it's kicking ass in the ratings! 

We got Bert on the phone to talk all about the show, what it's like to hang out with Snoop....and we asked him all about his buddy and another Friend of the Show, Tom Segura's godawful basketball injury!!Check that out here...and, warning, you can't unsee this....