"I did this mainly because…I had to get out of the house!! " Jeff Dunham is back with his “Completely Unrehearsed Last Minute Pandemic Holiday Special"

Jeff Dunham

On paper, when you look at "ventriloquist" as a career path...you don't immediately think "Oh! That's gonna make me rich!!!"....that is, unless you're Jeff Dunham...who managed to turn being that nerdy kid with a puppet into becoming one of the top grossing comedians in the damn country with a net worth of $140 MILLION!!!!And this Friday night, he's debuting his TENTH comedy special, “Jeff Dunham's Completely Unrehearsed Last Minute Pandemic Holiday Special” on Comedy Central!!

And let's face it...don't us nerds need a hero?We talked to Jeff this morning and, damn, he's livin' his best life ever!!