Puttin' the pedal to the metal, John Schneider pays tribute to a Burt Reynolds classic with "Stand On It!"

John Schneider
Photo credit Robin Marchant/ Stringer/ Getty Images

FACT: Smokey & The Bandit is one of the greatest movies of all time!ALSO FACT: If you loved that movie, you likely also loved The Dukes Of Hazzrd.So what happens when former Dukes star John Schneider makes a movie that pays tribute to The Bandit?You get the free-wheelin', high flyin' sure-to-be classic, "Stand On It"...which will start streaming at Cinedflix on Nov 27th!! https://cineflixdod.com/From hustling his way on to the set of Smokey & The Bandit as a young man, to his stardom on Dukes...John  Schneider is one of a kind!!