Hope For The Holidays 11.30.2020. Listen Here!!

Hope For The Holidays
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Dear Johnny,This year I find myself needing some help for my family. Myhusband has been a police officer for over 20 years and gotthe worst news. In June, we found out that my husband hasgrade 4 inoperable brain cancer. He is only 48 years old.Our children are 15 and 12. As you can imagine, our lives,plans, dreams, and future were turned upside down. Due tocomplications, his whole left side became paralyzed. I am ateacher, so I was able to take care of him during my summerbreak, but I am now back to work. We can’t afford homecare, so the kids and I manage the best we can. He has PT3 times per week, along with chemo every 3 weeks. My kidsare going through something no child should have to. I amtrying to keep “normal” in their lives. We are down to myincome and the partial medical retirement my husband gets.It has put us behind, but I’ve been using our savings to tryand make it. I worry about providing my kids a Christmas.I’m not asking for anything for my husband and I. I amasking for help for my children. It’s a tough situation and theyare stepping up and trying to do what they can to help mecare for their dad. This could very well be my husband’s lastChristmas, and I want the memory of this Christmas to lastmy children a lifetime. Thank you for reading my letter andthank you for all you do.- Tara

How We Helped: Paid Mortgage, Gift Cards For Christmasand Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Samantha, Phillip, Eric, Gene,Josh and Jennifer