Hope For The Holidays 12.01.2020 Listen Here!!

Hope For The Holidays
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12/01/2020Dear Johnny,Things have been rough for us over the last year and wejust can’t seem to catch a break. My wife, our two daughters(11 & 6), and I moved back to KC to live with my Dad inSeptember of last year. We started to get ahead and beganlooking for our own place early this year, but then COVIDcame along. My wife works when she can, but the kids’school district changed to remote learning only and theyneed her help to keep up with school. With all the familyexpenses relying on only my income, we got behind onsome bills and are making paycheck to paycheck. I switchedjobs earlier this month to something better than what I had.Recently our car broke down and we had no choice but toput it in the shop (I’m a courier and need it for my work). Ihave been driving a loaner from the shop. This past week Iwas notified that I was exposed to someone who testedpositive for COVID. So now I’m definitely going to be out ofwork for a week at the worst time. The shop is going to havemy car done any day and it’s going to cost us $800. I haveno idea how we’re even going to pay the mechanic whenthey call us to tell us the car is fixed. I don’t know how we’regoing to get our girls anything for Christmas, but I reallyneed my car for work. My kids are so awesome and doinggreat in school despite everything. I’m very proud of them. Ifeel bad not being able to fix this. I just thought I’d write aletter, because I didn’t know what else to do. Thanks forreading my letter.- John

How We Helped: Paid Mechanic Bill, Gift Cards ForChristmas & Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Josh, Shane, Joel,, Patrick & His Girlfriend