Hope For The Holidays 12.02.20. Listen Here!!

Hope For The Holidays
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Dear Johnny,I was hoping I’d never find myself in a situation to be askingfor help, but here I am. I’m a single mom of two boys(14 &11). My company closed down last year and then Ifound myself getting progressively more sick. I’veexperienced multiple hospital stays and sometimes have touse a wheelchair. I’ve been diagnosed with end stage liverdisease and kidney disease. Due to my declining health, I’mnot qualified for any type of surgery. I’ve recently beenapproved for hospice care with a life expectancy of 6months. This could very well be my last Christmas with myboys. I want nothing more than to make this holiday specialand unforgettable for them. I no longer qualify forunemployment and have been living on my 401k and mysavings to pay the bills. I am now behind on my mortgage.Everything is overwhelming right now. I’m trying to keepstrong, but I feel like I’ve lost hope. The boys need clothesand I would love to put up some decorations. I did havesomeone give us a tree, but it’s disappointing to not haveanything to put under it. Thank you for taking the time toread my letter. I appreciate all that you guys do. HappyHolidays

- BlaireHow We Helped: Paid Past – Current- And 1 MonthsMortgage, Gift Cards For Christmas & Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Josh, Seth, Brett, Larry, Chip,Rachel, Jake & His Wife