Flirtin' With Disaster! The Story Behind Nycki's New Molly Hatchet Tour Jacket With Former Production Manager, Peyton Wilson!!

Nycki Pace
Photo credit KQRC

Last week, Johnny gifted Nycki with what just might be the most awesome, Sugar Creek-esque gift in the history of mankind....a friggin' 1982 satin Molly Hatchet tour jacket!I mean, you can take the girl outta Sugar Creek, but you will never take the Creek outta the girl...which meant that Nycki was over the damn moon about it!We discovered that the jacket once belonged to Molly Hatchet production manager Peyton Wilson...and through the magic of the internet, we managed to find him and get him on the show to talk about the glory days of Rock & Roll, working for the likes of Journey, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones and, of course, Molly Hatchet!!