"I'm always gonna create…I just can't control what form it's gonna come out" Pop Evil's Matt DiRito on music, motorcycles, guns and more!

Matt DiRito/ Pop Evil
Photo credit Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


Rock stars. It's all groupies, blow, orgies and booze, right?Well...maybe some times...but not always.BUT, in the case of Pop Evil bassist Matt DiRito...he's basically on a one man crusade to make us all look bad.Sure, he's a true rock star...but when Covid shut everything down, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he went out and got a damn job!But not just any job! He went to work at Cabot Guns designing some of the coolest guns on the market!And if that weren't enough...He's founded the charity organization, Star Treatments, an organization that provides a VIP transportation experience to medical facilities for children receiving ongoing medical care. Bottom line, he's pretty much better than all of us. Dammit.

Go check out Star Treatments and donate!  http://startreatments.org/

And check out some of his gun stuff at https://cabotguns.com/