"All of the technology you hold in your hand is born from the space program!" Retired astronaut Clayton Anderson on NASA, SpaceX and the future of the final frontier!

Clayton Anderson
Photo credit Joe Raedle/ Staff/ Getty Images

Let's be honest here...retired US astronaut Clayton Anderson is a bigger bad ass than any of us.With 167 days in space and 6 space walks, he has seen and done things that the majority of us will never ever get to do.And he's also always been outspoken about NASA and the future of space travel with the advent of Elon Musk's Space X program.So with last night's launch of Space X Crew-1 on it's way to the International Space Station, we thought it was high time to get Clay back on the show to talk about it.What is it like to walk in space? What about manned missions to Mars?Where does he see the future of space exploration going? He answered it all!And, as always, Clay cut straight through the BS straight to the heart of the reality of space exploration.