"I realized early on that my experiences could help people" The King of the Highwire, Nik Wallenda examines what keeps us down in his new book,"Facing Fear"

Nik Wallenda
Photo credit Brad Barket/Stringer/Getty Images

When you think of legendary tightrope walker, Nik Wallenda..."fear" is not a word that immedeately comes to mind.Coming from 7 generations of highwire daredevils.He holds 11 Guinness World records.He's walked over Niagra Falls, The Grand Canyon, Times Square, and over the active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.He is, on the surface, a man who knows no fear.But, after a tragic accident in 2017...he finally had to own up the fact that he did indeed have fears to face.And in working though all of that, he also realized that he could help others deal with the things in their path that keeping them down...so he wrote a new book, "Facing Fear: Step Out in Faith and Rise Above What's Holding You Back"...and we had the chance to talk to him about what motivated him stare down his fears and move forward.