He is THE CHAMPION!! (and he makes us all look bad!) We welcome back "Tough As Nails" winner Kelly Murphy!!

The Johnny Dare Morning Show
Photo credit KQRC

Little did we know when we had Warrensburg MO's Kelly Murphy on the show to talk about the season finale of the CBS reality competition "Tough As Nails" that later that night he would be crowned as THE CHAMPION!!Not only did he win $200,000 and a new truck...but he won the admiration of his fellow competitors and viewers all over the country (and, let's face it...made more than a few ladies twitchy in their britches)!!We caught up with Kelly before he started a day full of interviews all over the country...and, of course, he'd just got back from the gym...OF COURSE HE DID.

Why you goot a make us all look bad, Murph?