"The Mysteries That Surround Our Lives Are Profound And Continuous!" William Shatner Searches For The Truth On The UnXplained!

William Shatner
Photo credit Roy Rochlin/ Stringer/ Getty Images
When most folks reach the age of 88, conventional wisdom says that maybe they should slow down...enjoy life...stop and smell the roses.The thing is, someone failed to tell this to William Shatner.At 88 years young, he is still working nonstop...still relatable...still viable...and still being the best Shatner he can be...as is evidenced by his History Channel show, The UnXplained!Not only is he the host, he's the executive producer...and because he's the type of person who is always learning and looking for new and different experiences, you know that The UnXplained is going to leave no stone unturned in finding out the answers to the subjects that mystify mankind.The man is completely unstoppable.