"The Bachelor" Episode 3 Recap: Why Is Peter Confused About Alayah?

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By 98 PXY

At the start of Monday night's The Bachelor, Champagnegate continued as Kelsey and Hannah Ann were unable to come to an amicable conclusion about whether Hannah Ann purposefully sabotaged Kelsey last week. "I would never steal someone's champagne," Hannah Ann said, in tears. Later, as Alayah told the girls, "F** yeah dude, I get nasty! No I’m like, very good at putting on face when I need to," Sydney expressed to the camera that she thought Alayah was fake. The two had a rough pillow fight when Bachelor in Paradise star Demi Burnett showed up and challenged the girls on the group date, and Sydney lost. She told Peter that she thought some of the girls were being dishonest and he thanked her for being honest. Then, he called her out in front of the group about it, leading her to name Alayah specifically.  Peter seemed conflicted about whether he believed her. “With Alayah I think what I’m seeing is the truth. But my logical brain says yes, there are flags.” Victoria P. later confessed to Peter that Alayah had asked her to lie about the fact that they'd spent time together before the show. “Coming into this, she was really open to all the opportunities that would come after this, even if you weren't her husband. So, maybe she's not the one for you. I’m sorry," she said. Somehow, Peter still remained confused about Alayah's intentions. While he didn't give Alayah the final rose during the rose ceremony, he was intensely torn and gave every indication that he might not let her go.