"The Bachelor" Episode 7 Recap: And Then There Were 4

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By 98 PXY

On Monday night's The Bachelor, Peter Weber took his crew to Lima, Peru. He tried to get serious with the women so that he could pick the final four women to go to their hometowns and meet their families. To that end, he chose three one-on-one date partners to help him figure out what he wanted. He went on the first date with Madison, the woman who'd gotten the first one-on-one; he told her he was falling in love with her. She was the first he chose for hometowns week. His next date was with Kelsey, and he chose her as well after praising their "mature relationship." His last one-on-one was with Natasha, who he sent home. Peter had a final group date with Victoria F., Hannah Ann and Kelley. Kelley was overconfident, especially when Victoria F. seemed upset. Victoria F. and Peter had an oddly hostile conversation where she finally admitted she was worried she'd lose him in the end; he gave her a rose and asked her to stick around. Kelley ended up being the last one sent home. "The four who are left are little babies," she said, adding later, "he's not able to sit there and make decisive decisions and stuff like that, and that's on him."