"The Bachelor" Episode 8 Recap: Peter Goes On Hometown Visits

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By 98 PXY

On this week's The Bachelor, Peter traveled to the hometowns of the four final contestants. He met up with Hannah Ann in Knoxville, Tennessee where her father didn't seem impressed with the revelation that Peter is falling is love with his daughter. Next, he went to Iowa to meet with Kelsey, where her mother told him, "Don't break my girl's heart, do you understand?" Next, Peter met with Madison at Auburn University in Alabama. Charles Barkley appeared on the basketball court's jumbotron to tell Peter to "treat that girl right." After that, Peter was in a great mood when he met Victoria F. on the beach for the last hometown date. They pair took pics together at Old Time Photos, and attended another country concert, this time featuring Hunter Hayes. During the show, Peter's ex made a surprise appearance, and told him she used to be friends with Victoria F,  saying, "I know that you're a great guy, and I don't think you deserve what you're on a date with right now." After hearing this "complete bomb," Peter was again confused and confronted Victoria. They argued, and she revealed she was falling in love with him, but he left without meeting her family. She went to his hotel the next day and apologized, but it was still uncomfortable. Even after all this, Peter decided to keep Victoria F. around, and instead sent a surprised Kelsey home after the rose ceremony.