"The Bachelor": Season 24 Takes Flight…With a Surprise Passenger

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By 98 PXY

On the Season 24 premiere of The Bachelor, pilot Peter Weber started looking for love among 30 ladies. During their initial meeting with him, there were a lot of bad pilot jokes and airport references. One contestant even arrived to meet Peter stuffed into a suitcase. Peter was especially happy when he saw Kelley, who he'd met randomly in a hotel lobby a month prior to filming. Things took a turn when Hannah Brown, former Bachelorette and Peter's ex-lover, arrived. "Is she competing? I don't know! Is that illegal?" the girls wondered. Brown returned the small wings Peter had given her when he was on The Bachelorette. She soon departed, giving the contestants a chance to talk with Peter and to talk to each other about him. Two of the girls described Peter as a "dime, or a dime fifty" and a "f**king hot biscuit--buttery and flaky." In a surprise ending, Hannah Brown reappeared at the end of the show after the first group date and first private date. She began crying and Peter said, "I thought I was not confused...but I don't know." He asked whether she'd be part of the house if he asked, and she said "maybe." There was a cliffhanger as Peter and Hannah decided what to do next.