The test results are in…

Elizabeth Kay and her mother in-law
By 99.1 The Mix

WOW - what a journey this process has been to see if I am a kidney match for my mother in-law, Camille.

The tests are all done and we have our answer! I've been given the green light from the transplant team at UW-Health to give my kidney to someone in exchange for my mother in-law to get the "perfect" kidney through the Paired Kidney Exchange (PKE) program!

So by me giving a kidney to a stranger, who I am a better match for, my mother in-law will also get a better kidney for her!

I'm so excited and honored to do this! And the reach of the PKE program is incredible. To think, that now one kidney will save at least 2 lives and maybe even more is pretty powerful! The photo attached to this post is from the video we took when we told Camille the news at Christmas. We had wrapped up a single kidney bean in a box. It was the last gift to be opened. It was a huge release of emotion to know that we have crossed this major hurdle and it was definitely a Christmas that we will never forget.

Here's the announcement from this morning's show.

Here's a story from ABC News's Nightline that talks more about the reach of the PKE program

If you are inspired by our story and you want to get involved or maybe you want to be a living organ donor - just visit

Thank you for your prayers and support for my family! We will hopefully have our matches in the next few months.


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