10 Things To Do in Denver This Weekend, That Don't Totally Suck

Bourbon and Bacon
By 99.5 The Mountain

There's always something happening in Denver, but it isn't always awesome. We took the work out of finding something wonderful to do and rounded up this weekend's best events, right here!


UllrGrass$30-$100This annual music/beer festival in Golden celebrates the Norse god of winter, Ullr (prnounced oo-ler). But don't stress, you don't need to know anything about Norse dieties to have some outdoor fun in Golden! There will be live music going for three days, and plenty of beers will be poured. The festival starts Friday afternoon and wraps up on Sunday.Get tickets here.



Steer at the Brown Palacefree-$100Forget a bull in a china shop, Denver puts a steer in a Palace! Come meet this year's Stock Show Grand Champion steer in the atrium for some classy afternoon tea. This annual tradition is a bit odd, but why not dust off your fancy tea clothers and go meet a cow (or steer)!Info and tickets here.
Parents Night Out at My Gym Highlands Ranch$40-$50Need a night away from the kids? Yeah, we bet you do. Drop 'em of at My Gym in Highlands Ranch for the night! They will get good and tired as they have the time of their lives with a My Gym teacher, and you can get out and have some fun as well! It's cheaper than a babysitter, and just imagine how tired they will be afterwards. Excellent.Info on My Gym here



Bourbon and Bacon Festfirst tasting - $85It's the most bacon-est time of the year! The annual Bourbon and Bacon fest is back at the McNichols Building! There will be two full floors of bourbon tastings and bacon creations, crafted by some of Denver's best restaurants. Be sure to bring a DD or get a ride to this very boozy event!Info and tickets here.
Queso Competition - River North Brewingone pintQueso, cheesy nectar of the gods. What did we, as humans, do to deserve this incredible dip? Who knows, who cares! Sample all the queso you can handle at River North Brewing on Saturday. The cost of sampling is a simple pint of beer, which you'll probably want to wash down all that cheese.More cheese deets here.
Onesie Pub Crawl$5-$20Everyone knows the warmest way to pub crawl is in a fleece onesie. Whether youre zipping up as a unicorn, a dinosaur, or a classic pink bunny, you've got a great reason to bring the onesie out of the house! This informal bar crawl starts at noon on Saturday, and a wrist band will get you drink specials at all the participating locations.Get a schedule and tickets here.
Oregon Trail IRL - History Colorado$35Don’t die of dysentery! Actually, I don’t think there’s much risk of that. Bring your favorite old school computer game off the floppy disk and into the real world this Saturday. You can learn a thing or two about the non-digital version of the Oregon Trail, thanks to History Colorado. You’ll also have a chance to play the original game, so get ready for a real throwback!Tickets, and an update on remaining pounds of food, here.
Napoleon Dynamite - A Conversation with Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez$35-$125It's alright if you didn't Vote for Pedro back in 2004, you can still catch this exclusive screening of Napoleon Dynamite with the cast! Topics of discussion will likely include: nunchick skills, computer hacking skills, ligers, and your mom (who goes to college).Eat the food, Tina.



Boutique Warehouse Sale$12-$25This annual event is the best place to score amazing deals on clothing, shoes and accessories from Denver's most popular boutiques. If you're anything like me, and sprint with determination towards every sale sign, this is an excellent place to be on a Sunday morning. The price of your ticket goes towards the Rocky Mountain Alliance's Children's Foundation, and includes a drink from the Viewhouse. Get there early, the best buys go fast!Start your shopping spree here.

Terror at 5280 - Tattered CoverfreeAre you into creepy stories and urban legends? Tattered Cover is hosting hte perfect event for Denver's horror fans. On Sunday afternoon, local dark history experts will be sharing all the grisly details on some of the Mile High City's scariest stories. And, theres a book you can buy with even more strange tales and scary stuff.Register here.