Celebrities you never knew were in the military

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By 99.5 The Mountain

We all know Elvis was in the Army before becoming the biggest star in the world, but who else has served in the military? Some celebs on this list may surprise you!

1. Bea Arthur

bea arthur

Before she delighted us as the most sarcastic Golden Girl, Bea Arthur served in the Marines. At the age of 21, she enlisted in the Marines Women's Reserve. She worked as a typist and a trucker, and was honorably discharged in 1945.


2. Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman

Back in 1955, the man who narrates our lives turned down a scholarship to Jackson State University to enlist in the Air Force. After four years of service, Freeman left to pursue an acting career.


3. Ice-T

ice t

This guy has had so many careers! Before he starting "solving crimes" on Law and Order, Ice-T, then known as Tracy Marrow, joined the Army in 1979. He was honorably discharged four years later.


4. Pat Sajak

pat sajak

Sajak has been spinning the Wheel of Fortune with Vanna White since 1981. Before he took to that stage, Sajak served in Vietnam as a DJ on Armed Forces Radio.


5. Shaggy

It WAS him! Shaggy (real name Orville Burrell) enlisted in the Marines in 1988. He also served in the 10th Marine Regiment during the Persian Gulf War.


6. MC Hammer

MC Hammer

Before he let us know what we could and could not touch, Mr. Hammer served in the Navy! Then he was know as Stanley Burrell, Petty Officer Third Class Aviation Store Keeper.


7. Adam Driver

adam driver
Minus the whole "space" thing, the role of Kylo Ren may not have been such a stretch for Driver. Following 9/11, Driver joined the Marines. He later founded Arts in the Armed Forces, a nonprofit that provides free arts programming to active-duty service members.


8. Sinbad


In 1979, the man who came to be known by only one name, was David Adkins, US Air Force boom operator. He would often perform comedy for people at Air Force bases, and in 1982, he left to officially become an entertainer.