How to Ride 100 Miles by June

Denver Century Ride
By 99.5 The Mountain

Riding your bicycle for 100 miles is no easy task, especially when the ride involves a climb up Lookout Mountain. And that's exactly what participants in this year's Coldwell Banker Denver Century Ride will do.Sound like fun? You should sign up, and start training!

Cycling coach Kim Welk of Team W Coaching wants to make sure you're taking the steps necessary to get your body (and your booty) ready for those long miles.

1. Get a tune up.Your bike is your most important piece of equipment. Make sure it's ready to roll, literally, before you start your training.

2. Get outside!​​​​​​​Make the most of our Colorado spring weather by hopping on your bike and riding, any chance you get!

3. HONESTLY assess your fitness level.How much work do you need to do before this ride? It's okay if the answer is "a lot." You've got the time, you just need to be ready to put in the effort.

4. Change up your gym routine.Cycling works so much more than your legs. It's cardio, it's core stability, it's strength. You'll have a much better ride if you work on all of those elements.

There's obviously a lot that goes into every ride, and if you want more tips, right from the Denver Century Ride expert, you can come to one of Kim's training sessions just for DCR riders!Her next ride will be on Saturday, March 28th at the Jefferson County Justice Center.