Teacher robbed during Zoom call with student and parent


A woman from Cleveland, Ohio, is sharing her frightening experience while being on a Zoom call with her student and his parent.

Amanda Zupancic, a special education teacher, told ABC News that a man broke into her home while she was teaching a remote lesson.

On November 23, Zupancic was talking with her student and his mother in her office when she heard glass break.

“I was at the top of the stairs. He was struggling with my baby gate,” the teacher said. “He was coming up, knife in his hand, threatening to kill me. I actually said, ‘Is this happening right now?’ It seemed unrealistic. I was scared.”

The teacher at Kirtland Local Schools explained how she was home alone with the doors locked when the scary incident happened. Before the break-in occurred, her husband and child had just left 20 minutes before.

Zupancic believes that the man saw her family leave their home before breaking into the porch window.

Once the man came upstairs, Zupancic said that he brought her into the bedroom where she was forced to lay on the ground. The man went through her personal belongings and took wedding rings and watches.

“He was telling me, ‘Don’t move. Give me your wallet and keys,’” Zupancic said, adding that her student and the parent were still logged into Zoom meeting in her home office.

Zupancic said she brought the man downstairs. After doing that, she quickly unlocked another gate to release her German shepherd and a Great Dane-boxer mix.

When one of the dogs went after the man, the teacher grabbed a pair of scissors, chased him out of the house, and quickly called the police.

Officials report that police in the area apprehended the suspect, Charles Derosett until Cleveland Police arrived and arrested him.

According to Cleveland Police, Derosett has been charged with aggravated robbery, assault, and several other charges.

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