Tennyson Center for Children

Tennyson Center for Children
By Alice 105.9

The Tennyson Center for Children has served Colorado’s most neglected, abused, and traumatized children since 1904.

The center provides a safe, stable home for kids 5-18 who are facing critical circumstances and need residential care. 

During COVID-19, children are more anxious, alone, and in need than ever. With school closures at stay-at-home isolation, many children are unsafe and lacking basic resources. 32+ residents on campus don’t have a safe place to call home outside of TCC, and staff is with them, in person 24 hours per day providing therapy, basic needs care, support, and education 7 days per week.

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Here's how your donation can help:$10,000 = Cost of Living on Campus for One Month—Per Child$5,000 = Breakfast for All of Campus for One Month$250 = Two Hour Therapy Session$100 = Classroom Supplies$75 = Dinner in a Cottage for One Night (Tennyson has four cottages)$50 = Bedding for a child$35 = Lunch for One Week for a Child$25 = Movie Night