Calling cat lovers! This 'purr-fect' bed frame offers cats a place to play while humans sleep

Photo credit Getty Images

The bed is “purr-fect.”

Cat parents are likely used to sharing their space and furniture with their furry friends.

Now, there’s a piece of furniture that’s designed with both human and kitty in mind.

Colombian brand, CatLife, has introduced the Gatrimonial bed, which features a simple wooden bed frame with two holes cut into the base.

On the surface, it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary. But as the human gets some much needed zzz’s on the mattress, under it, there’s a labyrinth design to keep the pet entertained.

Removing the mattress reveals the elaborate maze with multiple holes, which allow your cat to navigate it swiftly and enter and exit from both sides.

“With our bed, our cat clients don’t feel invaded in their territory, nor do they have to run looking for a safe space to hide,” the CatLife designers explain.

“Under this bed, they find a quiet place, full of calm and security, and best of all, it still has the same functionality for the owner! You will continue to rest as you normally would, but now, you provide a unique den to your cat,” the description continues.

Not only are you getting quality and comfort, but you’re also investing into a piece of furniture that has multiple purposes. Both human and pet are happy – what more could you ask for?

If you want to create a dreamy oasis for you and your four-legged friend, you can get more information on the Gatrimonial bed on the CatLife website.

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