81 Year Old Man In DFW Goes Viral For Hilariously Simple Cooking Tutorials

Photo credit Didi Beck
By ALT 103.7

Thanks to social media, there are now way too many people sharing their own cooking tutorial videos. However, after seeing the most recent viral example of this, everyone else should stop immediately. An 81 year old man in Texas has gone viral thanks to his hilariously simple cooking tutorial videos.

Known on TikTok as “Old Man Steve” the octogenarian from Fort Worth, Texas is suddenly rising in popularity thanks to his page’s collection of simple cooking tutorials and comedy videos. In his most popular example, Old Man Steve shows his fans how to bake frozen biscuits. While most of his videos are viewed thousands of times, that video has been seen over 8.5 million times.

As I have no children or grandkids, this has been such a joy to me and it makes me feel not so alone and loved, said Stephen Austin of his recent viral fame. Many online are falling in love with the Texas man thanks to his witty sense of humor. Hopefully this somehow leads to his own television cooking show.

Via Fox News