Ridiculous Tiny Shed In San Diego Backyard Is Available To Rent For $1,050 A Month

Photo credit dbvirago
By ALT 103.7

The tiny home movement has officially gone too far. A home in San Diego has gone viral, after making their backyard shed available for rent. The 200 square foot shed, which they are referring to as a studio apartment, can be rented out for a whopping $1,050 a month.

The studio apartment, or backyard shed, is located in the backyard of a home in the North Park neighborhood. While that particular neighborhood in San Diego is known for being a walkable neighborhood, the price tag still has many in shock. “I was amazed it was going for that much money. Does it have plumbing? I mean, does it have facilities?" asked Joe Moreno, who lives nearby.

Luckily for anyone looking to move to this San Diego shed, it does come with plumbing, along with air conditioning, stove and small refrigerator. However, according to the listing, it does not have a washer or dryer and doesn’t include parking. While some may say on average the rent is less than most studio apartments in the area, moving to someone’s backyard shed is definitely not most people’s first choice.